Thursday, May 6, 2010

Second Chance






Dress: Ross
Tank: F21
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger via DSW

I almost bought these shoes last year at the end of the summer and for some reason passed,
don't worry I'm kicking myself mentally as I type. We ended up getting them back in stock this season and I grabbed the first pair I saw (having already tried them on) and headed to the cash register. Now they are in my closet. Forever. Bonus: they are extremely comfortable!

The dress I bought at the discount store Ross which I had never been in before. Verdict - It.Is.Awesome! I ended up adding five dresses to my closet by the time I checked out. Don't worry they have a wonderful new home.

Now I have to grab a quick cat nap so I can stay up for the Iron Man 2 midnight showing! yeah!

Keep it fresh friends,

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