Saturday, May 8, 2010


It is officially one week until our fashion show and I am in crazy mode. The only pics I have of my garments are on my cellular device, and lets be honest here-I am kinda technology challenged especially when it comes to phones. Since cell phone pics are outta the question I will make sure to get pics on my dress form Betty and up on here sometime soon...aka when I get them done. As of right now I have 2.5 garments done...hah!

So instead of an outfit or a garment you all get some information and pics instead:

This is the Archie Griffin Ballroom at our new Ohio Union and it may not look that awesome in this picture, but when the lights hit those huge chandeliers it is simply breathtaking. I wish you all could come and see it in person!

This little guy tells you all you need to know about the show. The drawing is done by my teaching assistant turned friend, Kate Beller. This dress looks impossible to make,right? wrong. Trust me people I have seen it in the works and it is going to be amazing, and did I mention she is doing it all by hand?!

More importantly: I need help. BIG help. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR?!?!

Last years fashion show we were required to wear black so that narrowed it down. However, this year we have freedom in what we wear and my mind is spinning! Last year I ordered a dress offline and it did not fit so the day of the show I had to rush to the mall to find a dress, I really do not want to have to do that again.

Any ideas of what I should wear? where I should look for outfits? or just the general look I should go for?? If you think of something leave me a comment or send me an email!

Hope your weekend is stress free,


  1. Oh please take lots of pictures of that dress! I can't wait to see what it looks like in the pictures and sewing by hand? Wow! As for the advice on what to wear I have no idea but romantic inspired looks pretty on you! =)

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Here are my suggestions for your outfit, hope they help!

    Dress - something of this style, but in a solid colour:

    Shoes - one of these two pairs, depending of which matches better with the dress:

    Hosiery - you have to wear these again, since they are so beautiful and stylish:

    Not matter what your final outfit is, I'm sure it will look great! You have an excellent fashion track record!

  3. Just noticed that the fashion show starts in an hour and a half. Good luck and have a great time!


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