Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Fashion Show

Well it is finally over. All the hard work and craziness paid off and the fashion show was a huge success. Here are some photos from the night, I hope you all enjoy them!!

This is what the room looked like from in front of the stage. We had silent auctions going on in the back and after the show cake and drinks. There are seats along the sides of the stage and the number of people that came was in the hundreds (yay!).
Sara looking gorgeous in front of the stage. This is the blue dress that opened up the show in the painting category. I was so honored to have one of my garments open the show and also super nervous. That was a lot of pressure on Sara! She worked it out and overcame it to look like a professional.
The day started out at 9:30 for a run through in shoes with music followed by hair, makeup, photos, and more run throughs for the rest of the day. The lady that did Sara's hair is my hero she was amazing, I mean you can obviously tell by how beautiful her hair looks. Lancome came and did the makeup and I wanted Sara's look to be simple with light lips and liquid cat eyes. I could not be happier with how this look turned out.
Sara strutting her stuff down the runway, making my garment look good.

Striking a pose for the professional photographers.

Graffiti dress
This is my other model and our good friend Andrea wearing my Graffiti/Urban dress. Thank goodness she was there all day helping to keep me calm. Whenever anything went wrong she was there to tell me everything was going to be okay (thanks lady!).

Andrea is working the runway here, the dress floated on air as she walked-I loved it! In between the acts were dance performances and they were mind blowing. It made me wanna shake my rump!
Here is Andrea in the sculpture dress for Act 3. I wanted to do something simple and stunning because I didn't want it to be costume like. The other dresses for this act were amazing. Even though my design was not crazy over the top this dress got to close the act.

Here is the fourth and final dress for the black and white photography act. It is a glittery tulle bottom and a satin on top flipped backwards because I didn't like the shine of it on its regular side. I wanted her to look like a gothic cinderella and I think that was the look I got. I originally had Sara with a very smokey eye but I wasn't able to go back stage and change it. I love how she looks anyways though!
Me with my amazing models!
This last photo is of my mother Phyllis, my sister Paige, and me. I was so thankful for everyone that came to support me on this special day. It was a crazy crazy day but it all settled and worked out perfectly.

These dresses are the reason for the blog being so bare lately, so blame them not me! lol kidding. It is kinda crazy that it is all over, but that just means more time for the blog and hopefully finding a job. Thank you all so much for the support you have been giving and threeajy-thanks for the outfit advice (loved it all!!) but I found this dress at macys and knew I had to get it!

Dress: Macy's, Shoes: Tahari from DSW, Headband: Macy's.

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