Monday, May 17, 2010

Jury Duty






Shirt: thrifted
Pants: thrifted
Shoes: DSW
Trench: Old Navy

Well folks today was my first official day of Jury Duty and it sure was boring. Serious snooze fest, thank goodness I brought a few Entertainment Weekly's to keep me occupied. I originally had on a dress but it was rainy/chilly outside and the dress was a little too short so these pants were the way to go, super comfy. Plus after our orientation they said we could wear jeans so that is what I plan on wearing for the rest of my (2 week) duration. The day wasn't a total bust I def saw a judge fall asleep in his chair and I had a cherry coke for lunch. That's pretty much a winwin for me.

*Oh! Also Lindsay's fashion show this weekend was a success! Seriously I want to steal everything I modeled. I know she is a little burnt out on all the sewing but I hope I can convince her to remake one of the dresses so I can add it to my closet. She should be proud because she did an amazing job. Thanks lady for letting me be one of your models!

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