Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy Days

Trench: Old Navy
Scarf: DSW
Shirt: Gap
Tank (underneath): Old Navy
Jeans: F21
Boots: Ciao Bella, DSW
Bag: gift

Staple pieces are hard to find but once you have them in your sight you know. Case in point: I have been on the hunt for a nice trench for a while and over the weekend I found one! I saw this advertised in a magazine (Lucky?) and knew this one was perfect for me. I have bought oodles from the thrift stores and none ever really worked out, but this one as soon as I put it on I knew, I love that feeling. Same thing with these boots, black riding boots are hard to find but I lucked out with these buying them at work with our discount and they were already 40% off on top of that (I was a very happy lady!). I love both of these pieces because they are two items that are wearable season after season.

One last thing, I have to give a shout out to this bag. It was a birthday gift from my brother last year, and by birthday gift I mean he gave me money to buy what I want and this was what I had my heart set on. I love Jackie O, she is a woman that was always put together and chic - my fashion role model. I saw this bag on a girl at Target and tried to hunt her down to find where she bought it but she disappeared, weird. Anyway I ended up finding it on Ebay and was very joyful. Needless to say when I showed him he thought it was pretty fantastic.

Weather is rainy now - feeling like April in February, oh Ohio.

Sorry I wrote a book today...!


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