Monday, May 3, 2010

7 Hours






shirt: thrifted
shorts: thrifted, cutoffs
shoes: dsw
purse: gap
bf cardi: old navy
shades: charlotte russe

Sorry for my lack of postage last week but I have been in TN for the past couple of days visiting my family. However, I did manage to squeeze in some thrifting and other shopping so get ready to see a bunch of new-ish clothes!

Now to the outfit, this photo was taken at my grandmothers house. My bro bought a tractor and we swung by to check it out - it's a really lovely 1963 Blue Ford. The weather here was scorching hott so I opted to wear these cutoffs all weekend which was a good idea (that is) until the weekend came about...

I don't know if you guys watch the weather channel religiously like me (kidding) but there were major floods in middle TN the past two days. Seriously I saw cars under water, with my own eyes! The creeks were flowing over bridges (scary) and even my aunt who lives a town over got stuck at my grandmothers house with us and had to stay the past two nights (it was like a fun slumber party!). Of course since we are leaving today the sun is out and shining and soaking up all that water. My grandmother who has lived here her whole life said she hasn't seen it this bad in years. It was def an experience!

Here's to the 7hr car ride back to Ohio - can't wait.

Stay fresh,


  1. yeah i'm from Tennessee and I was on vacation in florida when everything happened, but from what I understand its much much worse than the news makes it seem.

  2. yeah it was insane! its going to take nashville a while to recover. is your house and everything ok?


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