Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blame it on the Rain

Bf Cardigan: Old Navy
Shirt: thrifted
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: DSW
Scarf: birthday gift (thanks jodi!)
Umbrella: thrifted

I had this cute little yellow dress all picked out and ready to wear, the sun was shining - then all of the sudden the rain came. I had this outfit picked out as a JIC (just in case) outfit. I love dresses but I'm not a fan of wearing them in the rain because then my legs get all wet and it's just yucky. But I do love when it rains and the temperature is in the 60's, can we say perfect weather?! It also means that I get to bust out one of my favorite thrift store purchases of all time, my yellow umbrella. I bought this 4 years ago when I was a freshman in college and since I am graduating in a week it is sort of sentimental, a memory from my first year. Sigh. But believe you me I am soo ready to graduate and I bought the cutest dress from Anthropologie - on sale! Don't worry there will be pictures!

Well cats stay fierce and have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. as Linds and I were walking back inside I was walking by her car and had a "Britney moment" all fun, not one or thing was hurt in the photo taking. We had a lot of fun with our picture taking today. haha

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