Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Rusty

A Little Rusty
A Little Rusty
A Little Rusty
A Little Rusty
A Little Rusty

Dress: Self-made (!)
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Macys (Nine West)
Pin: Gadzooks? (remember the zooks?!)

This was the project I completed over the weekend. I had Saturday off by a fluke and decided to try and organize my sewing area. You see I haven't sewed in quite sometime and things were just getting messy over there, you should have seen the layer of dust on my machine- it was quite gross. Also, I have all these patterns that I've accumulated over the years (most I have never touched or don't even remember buying...) so at my attempt to organize them I spotted this Retro Butterick pattern. It was just staring up at me with big "please put me together" eyes and that was all it took for me to dust of the old machine and give her a try.

Now I'm a little rusty (I'm not even going to show you the back!) but I have to say that the dress turned out much better than I expected. Also, I am not very good at following patterns so I kind of loosely follow the directions and make up the rest as I go. Originally this dress wasn't suppose to be one sleeve but I liked it that way better so I guess in the end it all worked out. Since completing this little project I plan on sewing a lot more (once I accumulate A LOT of fabric that is) so keep an eye out for some future projects from yours truly.

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh! I hope everyone has a Happy Fourth of July. Mine will be filled with a BBQ tmw night at my parent's home- even better I get to see my bro! Very excited. The only way that could make it better is if someone brings sparklers...(cough;cough;Mom;cough). Have a good one guys!

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  1. WOW!!! I love this! I'm always so in awe of people who can sew.

    The print and colors are so pretty on you and the one-shoulder style is so very flattering! I would never have guessed that this was self-made; it looks factory made to me! Great job!


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