Friday, July 23, 2010

Ball of Sunshine






my little pup Coco ^

Entire outfit is Thrifted!! <--that makes me feel like a supershopper =)

This top is actually a nightie-hah! but I thought it was pretty enough to be worn around town. The jeans are Lucky Jeans that I found at a thrift store. Even though it isn't the most figure flattering top I still felt like a little ball of sunshine. Plus I love anything that is flowy or see through, I do not know why, but I just do!

In relation to the update of Sara and I going our separate ways I too will be continuing on with my own fashion diary. I am also considering doing a wedding planning/weight loss blog, I go back and forth on it, but I think it would be more for me and my attention disorder brain to document everything. I will keep you all posted. I really appreciate all the kindness you have showed us, whenever I am having a bad day reading all your kind words really lifts my spirits-thank you for that!



  1. That is such a clever idea to wear a vintage night gown, I wish the best for you both and will be looking forward to reading your blogs.

  2. Thank you so much for everything, you are such a sweet person and I love seeing your thrifting finds!


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