Monday, January 25, 2010


coat: thrifted
dress: thrifted, originally I.N.C.
turtleneck: target
fishnets: betsey johnson (dsw)
shoes: goodwill
belt: grandmothers
gloves: walmart
hat: thrifted

Whenever I wear a beret I can't help but feel a little french. I haven't really received a lot of chances to wear this little beauty but after sifting through my closet the other day and re-finding my red coat i thought "BINGO!". As you can tell Lindsay and I both love anything color and when i found these Christmas colored garments I knew I had to wear them. The belt I found while ravaging my grandmother's closet during Christmas, lucky find, which I also haven't had a chance to wear. Once I saw the belt the rest just came together and here you have my take on if i were french. I would also like to give a shout-out to these tights because they have back seams! I originally bought Lindsay a pair and eventually had to buy a pair of my own, I'm always amazed by them.

Au revoir!

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