Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black and Blue:

Black Bow Shirt: Forever 21
Plaid Skirt: Thrift Store (99 cents!)
Black Tights: Betsey Johnson
Black Boots: Thrifted Nine West ( from Sara )

When I found this plaid skirt at the thrift store I remember thinking, that skirt would be great for hiding my rump (when you are a pear shape that thought tends to cross your mind a lot). When I tried it on I was pretty pumped because it did just the trick. It is a little longer than I like my skirts to be, but that simply makes it better for twirling! Can I just say that this outfit always makes me feel pretty good, thats the beauty of clothing-always such a confidence booster-so when you see someone wearing something you like make sure to tell them because that is so small but it makes a huge difference.

Thanks for checking in and try and come back we got some great posts coming up!



  1. Would of never thought you were in Ohio from those pics, luv them, and who is this Betsey Johnson you keep wearing???

  2. Hey! Thanks for the picture lovin' we took these at a nearby park in downtown Columbus. I know I won't do justice explaining who Betsey Johnson is, so here's her website:
    I hope you will like! Sometimes you can find her tights at TJMaxx which is usually the case with my Betsey stuff. Thanks again and look forward to hearing more about you!


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